Offshore Crew Employment and Payroll


Employment of crew will always carry a certain level of risk and responsibility.

Appointing a separate crew employment company to take care of the potential liabilities of crew employment can minimise crew employment related risks.

Also for the crew it is often better to have a fully MLC certified crew employment company administering seafarers employment agreements and taking care of the payroll transfers and ensuring every aspect of their employment is carried out efficiently and in accordance with applicable international and flag state laws and regulations.

The social security legislation for a multinational yacht crew is very complicated and depending on the personal circumstances of the crew member.

The offshore payroll company solution protects the owner from these liabilities and leaves the crew member free to choose how and where their obligations are fulfilled. JMS Ltd. will appoint crew employment company to manage the crew and implement the MLC on board.

Seafarers Employment Agreements (SEA)

Since the implementation of the MLC2006 every crew member on a commercial yacht must have a valid Seafarer’s Employment Agreement which is to be approved by the flag.

The SEA states that each Crew member will follow the Master Standing Orders of the vessel, watches, Merchant Navy Code of Conduct and the vessel ISM Safety Management Manual. It also details the usual agreements on salaries, holiday entitlement, terminations and repatriation issues. The SEA’s are in line with the legal requirements of the country of Registration of the vessel and all relevant international legislation.

JMS Ltd ensures that the SEA’s are approved by the flag state. Our long experience in the yachting industry also ensures that the SEA covers clearly a wide number of employment issues reducing the number of potential disputes.

Crew Handbook

The crew handbook is part of the MLC documentation.

It provides the yacht specific information for the crew such as code of conduct, disciplinary procedures, holiday and leave policy, travel policy, training, medical care, recreational facilities etc. These procedures vary from yacht to yacht so JMS work with the owner, the crew and the employment company to provide a bespoke handbook that provides clarity for all involved.