Safety Management

JMS takes a practical view with regards to Safety Management. If we are running a yacht safely with good seamanship and in line with regulations, then ISM compliance is automatic. JMS will help the crew set up the system, maintain it and assist with the required certification.

Tailor Made ISM

In order for JMS provides a tailor made ISM manual for the yacht.

Nothing is more annoying than completing a checklist that makes no sense. Our ISM procedures allow us to work with the Captain and implement only those procedures relevant to the yacht.

The JMS system allows implementation of a crew checklist or we can provide sample checklists which the crew can adapt.


Unfortunately there is no way to escape the paperwork but admin can be kept to the minimum.

Our system is based on the principle that one person, does one thing, one time and records it only once.

We provide simple software system to allow the yacht to organise their files and share it with the relevant person(s). This system and checklists will work on a desktop computer, tablet or a mobile phone and can be used off-line.

Yacht Certification

Certification is at the heart of compliance.

JMS will monitor the certification of the yacht and assist on any issues.

With more and more legislation coming into force each year, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Captains to remain current with all rules and regulations. JMS Ltd, will help to keep certificates up-to-date, assist the Captain prepare the yacht for surveys, organise and witness surveys and assist in conducting surveys

Crew Certification

All yachts must be manned with a healthy and competent crew in the appropriate numbers.

This means that there must be a certificate for everything – JMS and the JMS system helps keep track of these certificates and documents.

Emergency Handling

JMS will help the yacht making plans on how to handle marine emergencies.

We provide a 24/7 Shore Based Emergency Assistance where our 24/7 Emergency Call Response Centre ensures that in accidents at sea the owners, their guests and crew are helped to leave the vessel as promptly and safely as possible with minimum of damage to the yacht.

24-hours a day, 7-days a week a highly specialised marine team is on call, ready to guide Owners and Captains through all the relevant emergency procedures covering everything from engine failure to piracy.

Every event has been carefully researched and thought through by the JMS team with plans are always in place to ensure the most rapid and effective action and support, no matter where in the world the vessel is.

Satellite Tracking System

JMS Ltd. tracks the yachts all over the world, 24/7 via an internet-based monitoring system. All personnel with the correct password are able to log-on so the vessel’s progress can be monitored wherever she is located.

Owners can reach their yachts from any online computer with an interactive world map enhanced with a range of interactive features, allowing the owner to view the location and history of the vessel.

Weather and sea conditions can also be monitored to help improve voyage management, increase fuel savings and improve ETA calculations. It also highlights high risk areas to be avoided.

ISPS Security Assessments and Audits

Based on global political and security developments in recent years, forecasts point toward an ever increasing need for everyone to be more security conscious.

JMS Ltd. can make arrangements for one of our highly-trained team members to be in regular contact with the Captain, making him/herself available to discuss and offer assistance with any security concerns or issues that may arise.

JMS Ltd. Will implement an Annual Review and Management Audit to ensure all the security procedures and requirements have been covered. An outside team of experts then re-examines the policies in place and recommendation modifications to the Captain.

DPA - Designated Person Ashore

To ensure the safe operation of each yacht and to provide a link between the Crew and the highest levels of management, our DPA (Designated Person Ashore) is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

The DPA assumes ultimate responsibility for the safe operation of the vessel and ensures she holds all of the necessary Certificates and operates in accordance with the law

Bi Annual Onboard Audits

It is our view that managing safety is done on board of a yacht in a practical manner.

Our experienced auditors board for two (one day) visits per year. During these visits the ISM/ISPS system is discussed and audited and where necessary JMS will help make adjustments.