Crew Management

The heart of every yacht is the crew but managing yachting crew is a labour intensive job and requires knowledge and skill. JMS helps with the recruitment and administration to ensure that the yacht is manned with a healthy, qualified, happy and motivated crew.

Crew Qualifications Vetting

All crew placed on board must have the required qualifications.

A comprehensive set of procedures are used to identify, screen and recruit crew, saving time, heart-ache and money when it comes to the final placements.

JMS ensures that all flag state manning levels are met and all relevant certificates are in place.

In addition to an ENG 1 certificate stating they are fit to be at sea, all Crew, regardless of rank, must hold valid STCW certificates demonstrating that they have been trained in Personal Survival, Fire Fighting, First Aid & CPR and Personal Safety & Social Responsibility.

In the event of an incident ever occurring on board, these cover all the basic areas needed to ensure the health and safety of the vessel and all persons aboard.

MLC Compliance

All commercial yachts must comply with MLC2006. Private yachts are encouraged also to comply.

JMS Ltd experts implement and maintain compliance with the MLC code.

JMS can help set up the DMLC II, Crew Handbook etc. and ensure that every crew member has a valid legal Seafarers Employment Agreement (SEA) that fully complies with the MLC2006.

Crew Confidentiality Agreement

When dealing with information about Owners and the guests on board, confidentiality is an extremely important part of the JMS ltd philosophy.

We go to great lengths to ensure total discretion in all situations and it is a requirement that ALL Crew and JMS Staff read and sign a Confidentiality Statement before commencing employment.

Maintaining Crew Documents

JMS Ltd retains and manages an up-to-date record of all Crew employed on board and implements procedures to guarantee all certificates are renewed well before their due expiry date. If the yacht is commercially registered, these records may be reviewed and checked as part of an Annual External Audit by the Flag State


JMS Ltd. can assist with the payment of all crew salaries.

With the Captains input, salaries are calculated taking into account any onboard cash advances, holiday pay and expenses.

To protect the owner and to ensure compliance with social security regulations paying Crew from an offshore employment company is strongly recommended and can be arranged by JMS Ltd. through a separate service.

Criminal Background Check*

We also offer an additional service using a third party service provider to carry out the background checks incorporating specified issues.

Drug Screen/Prevention Programme*

JMS Ltd. operates a zero tolerance policy toward drugs use by crew.

We highly recommend our Random Drug Testing service conducted by an independent and experienced third party contractor to discourage drug-use by Crew members on board. Its implementation tends to reduce the risk of a health and safety incident occurring onboard.