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It’s all about getting results.
Everything else is noise and
meaningless sales talk.

Top 5 Recurring Reasons Clients
moved to JMS Yacht Management

“They (the previous provider) were divisive, distracting and expensive.”

“There were too many situations arising that I felt should have been pre-empted.”

“I realised my Captain was doing most of the work himself when he wanted it done correctly.”

“The only time I or my Captain would hear from them was either when I had to pay for something or he would ask for an answer to something they still hadn’t got back to him on.”

“The numbers just don’t add up!”

Our 3 Pillars of Service

Clients stay with JMS because they see our 3 Pillars of Service in action every day:

To deliver for our clients and report on all our actions

Because we understand that clients remain with us and recommend us for as long as they see the value.

To work with our client Captains - not over them

Because as former Captains and Engineers our Managers remember the pain of working with providers who just don’t get it!

To provide honest and considered strategies and solutions that work

Because they are based on years of on-board experience with a full 360° understanding of how each yacht can function to its optimum

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