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As you may remember, there is a 25% duty ad velorem applicable to yachts built in the USA since 2018

It is expected that these duties will be removed form January 1st 2022.

However, the board of ECPY would like to point out that one very important considerations for yachts imported in the EU prior the June 22nd, 2018; if they are still owned by the same owning company to this day, they will need to carry out at least one charter under commercial registration prior to the end of this year (2021). it is crucial condition to benefit from the commercial exemption next year (2022).

On another note, yachts who were imported a little after June 22nd, 2018 (who slipped through the cracks) under the commercial exemption will no benefit from the French commercial exemption in 2022 if they are still under the same ownership as the would be liable for the additional duty which operative event too place upon the latter importation.

Information received 9th November –